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Who Heck Richard?

Pictured: Deep in vital comedy research

Hello, hello, and greetings. I'm Richard, and I'm a freelance writer and narrative designer based in the city of York, England. I like cats, hate spiders, and I'm pretty sure my blood is now approximately 76% Coca-Cola.

I've been a professional writer since folks were fretting about the Millennium Bug and a full-time freelancer since before that whole Mayan apocalypse thing that never really came to much. I like to think that means people like what I do. They tend to come back for more. I spent the first decade and a bit primarily in the tech and games journalism trenches, writing for magazines and websites like PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Edge, PC Plus, PC Format, Tech Radar and many, many, many others, alive and dead, in the UK and the US. After spending so much time writing about other peoples' cool stuff, though, I've largely moved to the other set of trenches as a games writer and designer, harnessing a lifetime of gaming, years of critical experience, and a love of punning that has been called 'regrettable', and bringing it all to you. And you!

Games And The Writing Of Same

While I've done raw words, I believe games writing is fundamentally a design discipline. I like the term 'narrative designer' as most of my work has involved both sides; creating characters, writing dialogue, scripting sequences, etc, but also working on interesting mechanics, quests and the interactive side that makes those words more than just a cut-scene or a layer pasted over the top of a game. I'm no programmer, but I do like playing with scripts and new technologies.

Lost in space with the most lively crew of misfits you're likely to find.

My biggest project so far is Daedalic Studio West's The Long Journey Home, writing the 170,000+ word script, as well as creating most of the universe lore, designing and fleshing out most of the aliens, and co-designing the quests and narrative components, such as the crew chatter designed to breathe life into flying though space. Amongst others. I've also written for Failbetter Games' Fallen London, Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies, beginning as a guest writer for Seas and going on to produce quite a bit more than my original one island. I'm also currently working on a couple of games that for now have to be listed as [REDACTED]. Sorry!

One day I hope to make a Loot Crate competitor, only secretly it’s full of live wasps.

To get in touch, place a letter into a bottle and flush it into the care of the mutants in our sewers. Or alternatively, e-mail me at the usual address.