Hello, I'm Richard! I write games and words that people seem to like, including 'tryst' and 'castellan'. Maybe I can write some for you? My inbox is always open.

Richard Cobbett
Freelance Writer / Narrative Designer
Pictured: Deep in vital comedy research

Hello, hello, and welcome. As it says above, I'm a freelance writer and narrative designer based in the city of York, England. I like cats, hate spiders, and I'm pretty sure my blood is now approximately 76% Coca-Cola.

This is the inevitably cringeworthy part where I try to wax lyrical about myself, in the hope that you're reading this with an interest in hiring some kind of writer for your games, books, magazines or other projects, and, by extension, helping me avoid being eaten in my sleep by my two delightful pet cats in the event of the food running out.

Still, better this than LinkedIn! So:

I've been a professional writer for over a decade and a half, and a full-time freelancer for more than five years. I like to think that means people like what I do. They tend to come back for more. Most of that time has been spent in the tech and games journalism trenches, though for the last few years I've been moving away from writing about other people's cool stuff in favour of writing my own. I particularly like getting my hands dirty with the narrative side of games development, working not just on lines for characters to say, but interesting new ways of making worlds come alive.

You may know my words from such fine publications as PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Edge, Eurogamer, IGN, PC Plus, and roughly a million other titles, both alive and dead. As a freelancer, I bring that critical experience and breadth of knowledge to your projects, along with a wit that has been called 'British' and a love of punning described as 'unfortunate'.

My greatest phobia is that everyone else is psychic and decided not to tell me.

To get in touch, consider recording a shout-out on a comedy podcast, sparing us all more babble about Audible and Squarespace. Or alternatively, e-mail me at the usual address.

“The writing is exquisite, original, and refreshingly witty. I laughed out loud many times over while meeting new races, getting to know their quirks and wants. The Long Journey Home does a superb job of making you feel like a stranger in a strange place.”

- PCGamesN, The Long Journey Home

“A game crafted by those with an irrepressible love, and possibly hunger, for words and tales.”

- PCGamesN, Sunless Sea

“What (the aliens) all have in common is a sense of mischievous wit in the writing, courtesy of Richard Cobbett, a man who has forgotten more about RPGs and their tropes than most of us have ever known..”

- Rock Paper Shotgun, The Long Journey Home