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Hello, I'm Richard! I write games and words that people seem to like, including 'guano' and 'slippery'. Maybe I can write some for you? My inbox is always open...

Richard Cobbett
Freelance Writer / Narrative Designer

Who Heck Richard? ↴

Pictured: Deep in vital comedy research

Let's see. I've been a professional writer since folks were fretting about the Millennium Bug and a full-time freelancer since before that whole Mayan apocalypse thing that never seemed to come to much. I like to think that suggests people like what I do. I spent the first decade and a bit in the tech and games journalism trenches, writing for magazines and websites like PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Edge, PC Plus, and many more. These days I primarily work as a freelance games writer and designer, focusing on narrative-heavy projects like RPGs and adventures, designing mechanics and creating worlds, as well as handling scripts and giving NPCs 50 different ways to say 'ouch'. I work remotely, though can on-site for the right project. My rates are based on Writer's Guild of Great Britain recommendations for ongoing projects, with contributions handled on a case-by-case basis.

Nice Things Said ↴

“The excellent writing involved helps lend it a storytelling strength seldom found in roguelikes. Often even the bad encounters left me smirking.”

IGN, The Long Journey Home