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Hello, I'm Richard! I write games and words that people seem to like, including 'pareidolia' and 'Chewits'. Currently not taking on new projects/clients, but watch this space.

Richard Cobbett
Freelance Writer / Narrative Designer

Who Heck Richard? ↴

Pictured: Deep in vital comedy research

Let's see. I've been a professional writer since folks were fretting about the Millennium Bug and a full-time freelancer since before that whole Mayan apocalypse thing that never seemed to come to much. I like to think that suggests people like what I do. I spent the first decade and a bit in the tech and games journalism trenches, writing for magazines and websites like PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Edge, PC Plus, and many more. These days I primarily work as a freelance games writer and designer, focusing on narrative-heavy projects like RPGs and adventures, designing mechanics and creating worlds, as well as handling scripts and giving NPCs 50 different ways to say 'ouch'. I work remotely, though can on-site for the right project. My rates are based on Writer's Guild of Great Britain recommendations for ongoing projects, with contributions handled case-by-case.

Nice Things Said ↴

"It’s a testament to the writing that I still remember moments of the first voyage as much as I do the most recent, and that I continue to want to keep pushing further and further in any given attempt in order to see what more the game has to offer me."

Big Boss Battle, The Long Journey Home